Seiichi Yokota

Founder & CEO

"The King Of Ikejime"

Seiichi Yokota is a 7th generation fishmonger and ikejime master from Toyama, Japan. He continues to take on the role of growing Yokose Seafood while carrying on his family legacy.


Mr. Yokota has trained for several years in the famous Tsukiji (now Toyosu) and Yokahama seafood markets. It was there that he learned the art of selecting the finest grade fresh seafood, working for the Japanese fish wholesaler, Kamewa.


Afterwards, Mr. Yokota earned his place as an executive at Yokose, his family’s 150-year old seafood business in Toyama, Japan. It was there that he received further training in the Japanese technique of ikejime while further evolving it. In 2011 he established himself in Southern California and brought his family tradition of high quality seafood to America as the founder and CEO of Yokose Seafood.